Results – Delivered

Selective acquisitions, rigorous underwriting, careful cost controls and aggressive leasing…. all combines to deliver market beating performance.


“The people at REVA are sticklers.  They pay attention to the details and watch out for the investors’ interests.  With a keen sense for value, knowing where to invest resources for the biggest returns, REVA’s approach has delivered better property performance.”


– Adam Megenity, Director, Commonwealth Commercial




“The principals of REVA are consistently thorough and knowledgeable, and they conduct themselves with integrity every step of the way.”



– David Finger, Sr., Managing Principal, Cassidy Turley



“When it comes to a solid grasp of the fundamentals, the REVA principals are as good as any real estate investor or operator we do business with in the Mid-South Region….and that includes the big national institutions.”


– J. Scott Adams, CCIM, CBRE Regional President




“These guys understand what makes a property hum and they know which levers to pull to assure the best possible financial performance”



– Jamie Thomas, Director, Potomac Realty Trust

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