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REVA creates great investment vehicles for clients; offering the diversification of commercial real estate, stable income from operating cash flows and the capital protection and appreciation that hard assets afford. At REVA, we combine the sophisticated analytics of the largest institutions with a generous dose of entrepreneurial shoe leather and elbow grease to assure our investors of excellent results. The REVA principals bring MBA & CFA credentials honed by decades of experience at some of the largest institutions in the country.


Experience is invaluable in assessing opportunities in commercial real estate investments. At REVA, we draw on more than 40 years of experience and use that to guide our efforts not only in lessons learned of what works well, but also in striving to be different having not been satisfied with doing things the same way everyone else does them. We created detailed processes and systems, improved them with the latest technology and use the resulting platform to leverage our experience…making REVA one of the most efficient and effective sponsors in the business.


There is no substitute for involved, committed and focused people. At REVA the impact of our commitment is evidenced by two things…financial performance of our properties and the personal service our client receive. The REVA team is always available, always listening and always looking for opportunities to have a meaningful impact on behalf of our clients.


Our future is one of growth and opportunity. A changing economic environment, interest rate dynamics, new securities laws and regulatory revisions all create significant profit potential. The future is very bright…especially for those who are prepared!

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