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Financial performance and excellent risk adjusted returns are an absolutely critical part of a good investment. A successful investment in commercial office properties has a number of other important characteristics as well. in addition to the financial performance of the asset, one should also consider stability of cash flows, correlation of the asset to other investments, time horizons, taxes and protection from losses due to inflation or market downturns.

Selecting Properties


The acquisition of the target office building is just the beginning. Delivering great results requires considerable expertise, sustained effort and constant vigilance….year in and year out. REVA remains on the job for our investors for many, any years…protecting their interests and working to sure the most favorable outcomes possible in good markets and in challenging times. We take great pride in being very active, hands-on operators and our clients take great comfort in knowing that we are diligent over decades.

Rigorous analysis is the beginning of the property selection process. We dive deep into the data to understand demographic trends, population growth statistics, income quintiles, job growth, tax regimes and the political climate in every market and submarket where we invest. We study the real estate, the tenants, the business climate and only select assets that are primed for superior performance.


Careful attention to details like parking ratios, signalized intersections, ingress and egress, and local traffic patterns are critical factors. We then add another layer with investigations of utilities, water and sewer infrastructure, power supply, cable and internet access and numerous other factors that have a dramatic influence on tenant satisfaction.


Our surveys include personal inspections of the target property and all of the competitive set in the area. Conversations with vendors, tenants and leasing brokers are all part of the selection process. At REVA we use a lot of shoe leather and elbow grease on the front end, rejecting more than 80

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