Management -Uncompromising Standards

The key to every business and every investment is the people behind the handshake.


Despite all the technology, all the accountants, lawyers and securities regulators – there is nothing more important than the character, integrity and determination of the team acting on your behalf.


At REVA, we adhere to time honored values and offer a handshake you can rely on. We are careful about what we promise and work tirelessly to deliver.


Along with solid investment returns, we offer our clients peace of mind in knowing that we are committed to protecting their interests and remain available at all times to answer any questions or address any concerns.

The REVA team is a seamless collaboration of senior executives with a wealth of experience. In our more than 40 years in the industry and with transactions amounting to more than $12 billion, there have been a lot of successes and a fair number of lessons learned along the way.


We are diligent in serving our clients and have built a reputation of unparalleled accessibility and responsiveness. Our investors know that they can reach us directly, speak to us personally and that we always offer straight answers…even to the toughest of questions. Excellent service is just part of the value received from REVA.

Serving Investors

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